Hard Brit Lads: Sam Porter

With his strong, manly look, shaved head and muscled body, Sam Porter is quite an impressive sight … he’s got a massive uncut nine inch cock, which is uncut and very thick too! Starting with an interview at Hard Brit Lads, Sam chats about the type of guy he goes for, and how he keeps in such great shape. He has a deep voice and a very sexy northern accent. He stands up, pulls out his huge cock, which hangs thick and heavy and Sam slides his foreskin back and forth over the end and his dick just gets harder and thicker, till it reaches its full nine inches! Hot!

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William Higgins: Paul Belonek

Paul Belonek is 21yo and in his spare time enjoys ice-hockey and cycling. What a great looking guy he is, and he does a very nice interview for William Higgins before standing up and removing his tee-shirt and cap to show off a very nice chest. He also dips a hand into his jeans to feel his cock. He opens his jeans and pushes them down, grabbing his cock through his underwear. Then, after removing shoes, socks and jeans Paul pulls his big fat cock out of the side of his underwear. What a beauty that uncut piece is, and with the underwear pushed down we see some very low hanging balls too!

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Squirtz: Ethan Rose

For the past year or two Ethan Rose has been busy with work and a boyfriend and doing exciting things like sky diving. But now he’s single again and heading back to school. He’s out looking for sex all the time, but he has a reliable fuck friend that he turns to frequently. Apart from his longer hair, Ethan is pretty much exactly as the Squirtz film crew remember him: sexy, slim, cute butt, uncut cock and a hard-on that won’t quit!

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Sean Cody: Hugo

Hugo is a hot young uncut college guy doing his first nude photo shoot over with Sean Cody .. check him out!

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