Bentley Race: Cody James

Seems big things really do come in small packages … you only have to ask some of the mates from Bentley Race who have been topped recently by the hung uncut Aussie Cody James! In this recent shoot tho, Ben finally got Cody alone and filmed him getting naked out on the balcony of his apartment. He was very amused as he rubbed himself and got his fat uncut dick nice and hard, while hundreds of city shoppers went about their business down on the streets below!

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BelAmiOnline: Raphael Nyon

Raphael is the perfect combination of the features of BelAmiOnline hunks Kris Evans and Jim Kerouac … a perfect body … a huge uncut dick … a beautiful face. Check him out … what an absolute hottie!

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ChaosMen: Kieran

Kieran has been camming for about 6 months. A buddy of his decided to help him get more established in his burgeoning adult business. So his friend was kind of managing him, when his images got submitted to ChaosMen. He lives kind of local, so he and his buddies drove down to Austin for this shoot … tho his friends stayed outside on the porch while Kieran did his shoot! Kieran clearly had done photos before, so he was super easy to work with. Very easy to smile, and also very easy to get hard! He has left hooked, uncut cock, which has a decent amount of girth to it. He’s also very natural in front of the camera, and you can tell he is used to watching himself do his thing for an audience.

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Bad Puppy: Garett Alba

Tall, slim and smooth, Garett Alba shows off his gorgeous, fit body and delicious uncut cock for the Bad Puppy cameras … check him out!

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