UK Naked Men: Nils Angelson

Nils Angelson is a sexy lad who hails from the north of France and really loves to get naked and show off … anywhere … in the pool, on the patio, on a building site or just spreading his hole or playing with his foreskin for the UK Naked Men cameras … check him out below!

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Bentley Race: Romain Deville

The beautiful Romain Deville was doing his first solo shoot over at Bentley Race recently. This sexy 28yo is obviously very fit with big legs and big arms expanding out from his tight shirt and jeans. And a natural covering of furriness all over! Ben couldn’t wait to see him naked, and rightly so, he’s got a gorgeous fat uncut piece of meat down between those massive hairy thighs!

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Hard Brit Lads: Ross Drake

Handsome footballer Ross is 24yo and he chats with the Hard Brit Lads camera crew about football, and the type of guys he likes, and how he keeps so fit. Then his solo shoot begins, with him taking off his sports vest to reveal his tight lean muscular body with an incredibly ripped six pack. Playing with his crotch, he gets a nice bulge in his shoots, then takes them off. His hard stiffie sticks up under his white boxers, and he plays with it for a while. Taking off his undies, Ross gently plays with his throbbing uncut dick, sliding his foreskin back and forth over the head, then rubs on some lube, making it glisten and throb even harder, and gets into some nice slow jerk off action.

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UK Hot Jocks: Dave Circus

Look out! … the sexy Circus is coming to town! Dave is unbearably hot with smoldering, movie star good looks and gorgeous piercing blue eyes, a soft window into his hard ‘tough guy’ exterior. His tatt’s and facial hair just add to his sex appeal. This UK Hot Jocks model is big in all the right places, broad shoulders, big pec’s, delicious bubble butt, meaty thighs and a massive curved uncut cock.

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