Bentley Race: Damien Lance

New mate over at Bentley Race, Damien Lance, has been a huge hit on the site since he was first filmed with Zac and Sarpa last month. The 20 year old kick boxer from the suburbs of Melbourne loves doing porn and couldn’t wait to tell all his mates about it. Today’s shoot is actually from his first porn shoot, filmed in this room with a big spa tub in the bedroom. He takes a dip after posing in a pair of Aussiebum speedos. He has a hot body and a beautiful little chunky bum and nice uncut cock, with plenty of extra foreskin to play with!

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SpunkWorthy: Yuri

Yuri was full of nervous excitement when he showed up at SpunkWorthy to do this shoot. When his clothes came off, it was the cameraman’s turn to get excited! He’s got a thick and solid body from his years as a wrestler. Yuri is also Russian-born, so you fans of uncut cock will be thrilled to see his more-than-ample foreskin. Yuri took a minute or two to warm up to the cameras, but that was enough to release the inner-pornstar … Yuri really seemed to get off by the attention. When he bent over and spread his muscular butt cheeks and showed of his straight-lad’s arsehole, his dick got even harder as he stroked it between his legs.

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Squirtz: Jo Diamond

22 year old Jo Diamond just has one of those faces that is so compelling it’s really hard to take your eyes off of him. When he smiles and laughs it’s always a heart-warming moment. But in spite of all that, the Squirtz team reckon you just have to hate him. Jo Diamond doesn’t work out, he eats MacDonald’s and drinks Red Bull almost daily and yet he has the body of a guy who’s out playing sports and eating his veggies every day. Plus, he’s got a gorgeous big uncut cock … take a look-see!

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Sneaky Peek: Uncut Soccer Player Getting Changed

Back in the football club changing room and the Sneaky Peek cameraman spies on this handsome young player. He can’t see the camera pointing through a tiny hole in the wall filming the whole thing. This guy would go crazy if he ever found out that this voyeuristic footage is being used for guys online to perv over … but a hot guy like this, with that yummy little uncut cock, certainly deserves to be preserved on film!

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