Maskurbate: Justin Filion

Justin is a very charismatic young dude who really want to get into the porn business. Fortunately, he came to Maskurbate for advice and they naturally convinced him to perform his first solo on their site. Justin is a natural, and instinctively knows how to work a camera. He describes himself as a sociable, funny guy, always smiling and loving the friends who surround him. He shares his time between having a good time with them and going to the gym. He’s got a sexy smile, gorgeous body, shaved pubes and a nice-sized uncut cock!

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Dominic Ford: Michal

What’s not to love about Michal? He’s uncut, muscular, and good-looking. Dominic Ford was a bit worried at first that someone so gorgeous wouldn’t want to be filmed naked … but luckily he jumped at the opportunity!

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COLT Studio Group: Mike Matters

Mike Matters from the COLT Studio Group should be cast into a statue, so that his natural, masculine beauty can be preserved for eternity.  However, statues of gorgeous naked men are from a time past, so we will just have to be content with these pics … they can tell us everything we need to know about this sexy man!

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English Lads: Jon Wills

Jon is back for his second shoot with English Lads. Twin brother of Rich Wills, this young man is looking a little more rugged today, but is soon out of his clothes and down to his boxers. There is a visible bulge … he’s excited to be here … and his body is looking a little more hairy than last time too! He drops his boxers and out flops his impressive big soft uncut meat, wow Jon looks great flaccid … he tugs a little and an impressive soft one grows into a whopper of a semi erect cock! Jon manages to tease without really knowing he’s teasing us, and slowly his uncut cock gets bigger and bigger til its pointing straight up at the sky pumped to its full 9 inches.

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