English Lads: Jasper Hale

Jasper is a young man introduced to English Lads through a friend of his, and fellow model Cameron Donald. He started off this solo shoot slightly shy and nervous and wasn’t sure he should be taking off his boxers at all! But once he became relaxed he sort of warmed to the idea of being naked and then, once his uncut cock was in his hand, Site Members will see that he couldn’t take his hands off it! Don’t you love straight men who don’t want to show their naked bodies and then once they do, you can’t get their clothes back on them!

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English Lads: Riley Howard

Riley Howard decided it was time to come back to the English Lads studios to do another nude photo shoot. As ever, Site Members get to see that Riley’s uncut cock is pointing skywards and it that stays rock hard throughout the shoot. This young footballer does a great job at showing off his sexy body and he even shows off his furry butt-hole too!

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English Lads: Jordan Henderson

Jordan is one of those sexy young men who are cool, calm and collected, totally laid back, but perhaps a little shy. He’s met with the English Lads cameraman four times now, and he’s slowly getting used to being complimented about the various fit and sexy parts of his body … and he now only goes slightly red when the cameraman talks about his nice uncut cock! He’s 6ft 6in tall and in total proportion, so both long legs and long body and a nice uncut long cock! He’s now quite used to showing off his body, and today Site Members are treated to lots of hole shots too!

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English Lads: Dan Muller

Dan is a tall young man at 6ft 4in. He has long legs and a slender but muscular body. He’s slightly shy until his clothes come off and then English Lads Site Members can enjoy his other long muscle! Dan’s really well-hung, has over 8 inches of uncut cock and its real fat too … and he is one of those lads who just can’t leave it alone!

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