Sean Cody: Nikolai Lombardo

Tattooed and bleached-blonde Nikolai is a laid-back, bisexual guy who enjoys trying new things. “I prefer to get fucked from behind, that’s one of my turn-ons. Getting cum on my face, that’s pretty hot too. But I’m willing to try anything.” Nikolai strips down for the Sean Cody cameras and flexes his muscles, then gets his uncut cock hard and strokes it before bending over and teasing his hole with a finger …

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Sean Cody: Carlos

Carlos is a very cool, laid-back, mellow sort of guy. Sean Cody could tell that he was just taking it all in. “What’s your background?” Sean asked to break the ice. “ I’m half Puerto Rican, half Dominican,” he replied. He said that he was born in the United States and has lived there all his life, but he has extended family all over the Caribbean. “Are all the guys in your family as muscular as you?” Sean queried … He laughed. “Yeah, most of them are!” … uncut cocks too!

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