Bentley Race: Kell Fuller

Earlier this year Bentley Race got to hang out with hot mate Kell Fuller. You might remember Ben met the 18-year-old Russian during his first trip to Germany 2 years ago. While Ben was staying in Berlin at the beginning of the year, they met up again to get some new nude photos at Ben’s hotel. This time Ben got Kell playing in a bubble bath, showing off his perfect meaty round bum and big uncut dick.

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Sean Cody: Nikolai Lombardo

Tattooed and bleached-blonde Nikolai is a laid-back, bisexual guy who enjoys trying new things. “I prefer to get fucked from behind, that’s one of my turn-ons. Getting cum on my face, that’s pretty hot too. But I’m willing to try anything.” Nikolai strips down for the Sean Cody cameras and flexes his muscles, then gets his uncut cock hard and strokes it before bending over and teasing his hole with a finger …

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Freshmen: John Leto

Check out this photo shoot from Freshmen. It features a hot young lad named John Leto. John looks younger than his 19 years … a source of consternation apparently, as he regularly gets carded when ordering drinks in a pub. John is shy, so it requires some prodding before he admits that his favourite feature about a guy is a big dick … not that he has anything to be ashamed about in that department … and he’s uncut too!

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