English Lads: Jamie Stevens

Jamie is tall, plus he’s fit and lean from playing loads of football, and with a nicely defined shape, smooth chest and real hairy legs. Even in his jeans there is an eye catching jeans bulge, but when stripped to his boxers, even in black, it even more obviously shows! Once naked, English Lads members can really enjoy Jamie’s impressive uncut cock … which is long, even when soft … and surrounded by a natural bush. But when he plays with it, Jamie gets real hard, like a missile, his erection is sheer perfection!

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Bentley Race: John Pavel

Bentley Race spent one very hot afternoon with this 22 year old sexy boxer during his recent visit to Bucharest. Ben had never been to Romania before and was really excited to meet and shoot with some of the local guys. He had been told that there were some seriously hot guys over, but he wanted to see for himself. John Pavel grew up in Romania but travels often to boxing tournaments. This guy has muscles on muscles! John came round to Ben’s hotel room to get some photos down and fool around on camera. The photo shoot was a lot of fun with John showing Ben some boxing moves before showing off that cute round behind, and that fat uncut dick.

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