ChaosMen: Lucas Leon

Lucas has done some modelling work for several other studios, but even with this experience under his belt, ChaosMen still wanted to do a solo shoot before taking things further. Turns out he is a very polished and knows how to play to the audience. He loves having his nipples played with, and they are quite large and easy to capture on video. Lucas is not only a Bottom, but he clearly knows his bubble-butt is one of his best assets. His chubby uncut cock is another asset well worth taking a close look at too!

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Blake Mason: Adam Dacre

If you like a guy with an accent, you’ll enjoy listening to Adam Dacre. This Polish hottie now lives in Chelsea in the UK (quick to point out, nothing fancy, just a modest studio flat). This sporty guy has a lot that he wants to do, including a woman! Blake Mason naturally can’t help him with that, but as he loves cock just as much they have plenty of opportunities to get him some action. For this visit he’s giving us a great uncut cock stroke, with plenty of showing off and a little bit of an aggressive side showing through too!

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