Bentley Race: Rick Dalton

Bentley Race are always excited to have some of their mates from years gone by return for a new shoot. Over the past 21 years Ben has shot with hundreds of guys and he loves it still. It was actually his mate Zac who first photographed and filmed Aussie boy Rick Dalton 8 years ago on the roof of Ben’s apartment building. Now, years later, Ben is the lucky one getting to film Rick this time round. Ben loves skinny boys with big dicks … and Rick has a really fat dick with plenty of thick foreskin for us all to enjoy!

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Bentley Race: Cody James

Bentley Race were pretty excited to post this new shoot with their mate Cody James. You might remember Cody used to shoot with Ben a lot before he moved away a few years ago. When Ben heard that he would be spending a couple of days in the city they got in touch again and organised for a catch up and a quick shoot. It was really great seeing him again and making this fun shoot. Cody is looking super fit! He’s gotten quite a bit more muscular since we last saw him. The shoot was fun and the photos look great. Cody really shows off his extra big uncut dick and is not shy about showing off his bubble butt and arsehole either … and check out his self-sucking abilities too!

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ChaosMen: Wheeler

What a hot guy Wheeler is! He is a 20yo straight guy, with blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. His hair is also red in the beard, and he grew his blond pubes in a bit for this ChaosMen shoot. Wheeler is very easy to talk with, and seems mature for his age, though at times, you can tell he is still finding his way. With his hot body, it is hard to decided which is better, his amazing bubble butt, or he delicious uncut cock.

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