William Higgins: Oliver Vanok

Oliver Vanok is 18yo and is still a student. In his spare time Oliver enjoys sports, cycling and fitness. What a handsome guy Oliver is, and with a great smile too. As he poses for the William Higgins cameras he begins to remove his clothes. Eventually, he turns around and lowers his underwear to show off a very sexy butt. Bending over and reaching back Oliver spreads his cheeks to show off his hair-lined crack and his tight little hole. He then loses the underwear and turns again, to show off a beautiful uncut cock!

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Lads Next Door: Jason Phillips

19 year old barman Jason Phillips is quite a chatterbox and is clearly a bit nervous for his first video with Lads Next Door. A friend of his had done something similar and encouraged him to give it a go. He manages to get out of his skin-tight jeans, and shows the camera his pretty, soft uncut cock. He tugs at his foreskin a bit and uses it to stretch his penis out towards his thigh … then gets on the bed and plays with it until it gets nice and hard … check him out!

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English Lads: Marcus Oaks

Marcus has been personal training for a while now and he recently did a few strip jobs and what a natural step it is for him now to come and show off his body for the English Lads site. He is one of those lads who grows more confident the less he wears and he is great at teasing the camera along the way. Soon naked and showing off his nice uncut cock, which is nice and chunky when soft, but how hard does Marcus get … you only have to join to find out!

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Squirtz: Roscoe Hayes

People who know Roscoe Hayes would probably not be surprised to see him on the Squirtz website. As he says, he “celebrates nudity” and seems to do a lot of that kind of celebration. He poses as a nude model for art classes and participates in some naked retreats out in the woods. For someone who’s naked as often as possible it’s not surprising that he has a healthy interest in sex and with a sexy uncut cock like his, who wouldn’t be interested in being his partner?

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