William Higgins: Jan Pokorney

Check out Jan Pokorney, a model for William Higgins. He’s an extremely well-muscled, fit and ripped guy, with a cute little uncut cock when he’s posing, which gets a LOT bigger later when he gets excited!

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Blake Mason: Mickey Taylor

Mickey is a handsome and sexy young man with a very alternative look. There’s a lot of ink covering his slight, defined body, and it makes him a very interesting young man. He’s a male model, but the move to gay porn interests him and Blake Mason are absolutely willing to help him with that too. The nervousness is clear, but that soon passes when he strips and shows off his gorgeous uncut cock and gets stroking on it.

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Bentley Race: Adam El Shawar

24 year old Adam El Shawar sent Bentley Race some images of himself, as, although he is straight, he really wanted to become a model on Ben’s gay website. Adam has a Middle Eastern background and grew up in Australia. He plays soccer in his spare time and says he has a really hot girlfriend, who just loves his uncut cock … and who wouldn’t … it’s a real beauty!

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UK Naked Men: Daniel James

He’s pale, smooth, handsome and VERY well hung … please give a warm hand for UK Naked Men first-timer, Daniel James. A big, juicy, uncircumcised dick packs out the front of his pants, and as well as a cute interview with that sexy, Scottish accent – the cameras get to intimately explore every crack and crevice of this young man’s lithe young body … tight little arsehole included!

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