Homopunk: Alex Apocalypse

Homopunk would like introduce you to someone really special, someone hotter than a sicilian vulcano: ALEX APOCALYPSE … his video is so monstruously sexy that the palms of your hands will burn for days after watching it … (be aware, if you are sensitive to sexiness, you might need to consult your doctor prior to watching this vid !!) …

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COLT Studio Group: Ennio Guardi

Ripped muscle stud Emilio Guardi is about to start his mid-day workout. Stripping down to his COLT briefs, Emilio’s body ripples with muscles. He oils himself up and poses seductively for the Colt Studio Group cameras. He turns around and pulls back his briefs to show off his tight man-hole … giving us a nice up-close and personal look before turning back around to show off his hard uncut meat … both hands stroke the silky foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock!

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Bentley Race: Damien Dyson

After Bentley Race met Aussie country lad Damien earlier this year, he just knew they’d be hanging out together a lot in the future. Damien has hooked up with some of Ben’s other mates on the site, but today Damien is doing an impromptu strip show for Ben and his camera … and us! The hotel room they were using at the time of the shoot had huge windows looking out across the city. So while Damien’s uncut cock is at full mast Ben gets him to show it off in the window. This lanky skinny mate loves a dare and quickly jumps up into a position where the whole world can see it.

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All Australian Boys: Zac

All Australian Boys model Zac is a Rugby player. He started playing Rugby at school and now plays A-grade. His chunky strong body is well suited to a contact sport like Rugby. He’s got a nice beefy body and natural pubes surrounding his fat uncut dick!

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