Gay Hoopla: Hunter Gage

Handsome, hung Hunter Gage is game for anything … anything at all. From shooting hoops in the hot sun to humping the bed as a prelude to stroking his big, hard, gloriously fat uncut cock, Hunter intends to please the entire Gay Hoopla crowd, over and over again

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Lads Next Door: Damian Boss

Damian Boss is lean and dark, with big eyes, full lips, and a luscious foreskin wrapped around his thick 8 inch plus cock. The skin slides back and forth and he has no trouble growing big, fat and hard. When he gets on the bed and lies on his belly, he allows the Lads Next Door camera to film his hairy crack with his big cock forced underneath, with just a hint of pre-cum showing on the slit …

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picturethis-studios: Adam Julio

Adam Julio is back at picturethis-studios and he is in fine shape … clearly having kept up his gym work over the last 12 months, and he is now ready to once again spread his legs wide for the camera, showing off a stunning 7.5 inches that gets almost instantly hard, even before his underwear hits the floor! With his fit naked body bathed in candle light, this stunning new shoot with Adam is enough to warm up anyone’s long winters evening!

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COLT Studio Group: Mike Matters

Mike Matters is a vision of masculine perfection from the COLT Studio Group.  What can you say about a guy who looks like Adonis!  That perfect smile, penetrating bedroom eyes, hard, muscled chest, tight washboard abs and the all-natural, all-beautiful, uncut cock.

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