Sean Cody: Rocco

Rocco is a sexy, flirty, Latin guy with beautiful eyes and a hot, muscular build. Sean Cody found him to be super friendly and his dick was instantly hard and never once drooped, even a bit, during this photo shoot!

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Sneaky Peek: Hunky Uncut Builder

This naked fit builder is captured in his work locker room stark naked and towelling down after a shower, thinking he is totally alone. But the Sneaky Peek cameraman is secretly filming him the entire time using his tiny hidden camera. He captures this super hot and masculine guy drying off after a shower … his heavy dangling balls and sleek freshly-cleaned uncut cock!

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Sean Cody: Craig

Craig has a big smile and a tight little body! He also has a nicely shaped uncut cock and he was super friendly and, if you watch the video, very willing to show off his arse during this nude shoot for the Sean Cody cameras …

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Sneaky Peek: Hot Builder Has A Long Foreskin

The pervy cameraman at Sneaky Peek secretly films this hot builder as he is changing in the locker room … the camera focuses in on his luscious long foreskin and tight muscular butt!

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