Squirtz: Jeff White

He may appear calm, cool and collected on the outside, but Jeff White admitted to the Squirtz camera crew that he was actually feeling pretty nervous about doing this nude photo shoot. His heart rate was up and his hands were shaking and sweaty, but he still managed to power thru, hard cock too … and naturally, uncut!

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William Higgins: Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter is 23yo and lives in a place called Roznava in Slovakia. He works as a music club manager and enjoys music, fitness and jogging. What a great looking guy he is, such a handsome face. As he bares his chest for the William Higgins cameras, he poses and we can see that his time in the gym has worked very well. Paul’s body looks very good indeed. To show that body off to full effect Paul flexes his big biceps. Then he removes his clothes and shows off a very hard uncut cock, and even turns around and spreads his arse cheeks so we can get a great look at his hole too! What a cheeky guy!

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Squirtz: Lukas Jensen

Hot new Squirtz model Lukas Jensen is small, only 5ft 5in tall, slim, and his smooth boyish features make him seem a bit younger than his actual age. His interests tend to be a bit bookish and with his friendly, innocent smile you’d probably assume that he rarely experiences a naughty thought of any kind. But that’s not really true! As he starts to strip, you’ll immediately notice that his upper body is lean and cut like a gymnast and his track and field training is certainly responsible for the shape of his legs and butt. But notice how, as Lukas gets closer and closer to being totally naked in front of the camera, his dick gets harder and harder. By the time he pulls off his underwear he’s sporting a full 7.5 inch uncut erection that’s pointing straight to the sky!

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Bad Puppy: Kenny Jacobs

Check out new model Kenny Jacobs as he strips naked and shows off his smooth and fit body to the Bad Puppy cameras … plus, of course, you can’t go past that hard cock down between his legs … and it’s uncut too!

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