William Higgins: Petr Herman

Petr Herman is a really good looking straight guy. He is currently a student and enjoys sports, athletics and ice-hockey. He has such a handsome face and looks great as he starts to pose for the William Higgins camera. As he lifts his tee-shirt you see some awesome definition in his abs. After posing to show off that chest Petr turns and lowers his jeans to reveal a very sexy butt. He turns around and displays his already rock-hard uncut cock and balls. Then he turns again and bends over to show off that arsehole, reaching back to spread the cheeks wide so that we get a really good look at his tight hairy hole!

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UK Naked Men: Ricky Zumbajo

This is Ricky’s first time naked on camera, and tho he is as eager, he’s still a tad unsure, he’s only ever been naked in front of other guys before after sporting events, so stripping down and getting his uncut dick hard in front of the UK Naked Men cameraman is slightly out of this straight lad’s comfort zone … but it sure is nice to see what’s he’s packing!

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William Higgins: Bradley Cook

Bradley Cook is just 18yo and he is one very handsome straight young man to be sure! When he was still a student at high school, Bradley enjoyed tennis, fitness and sports generally. Right from the outset William Higgins was most impressed by Bradley, with his handsome, smiling face, blonde hair and those blue eyes. He looks very smart too, as he poses for the camera. Lifting his tee shirt shows his abs off nicely and when he flexes his biceps we can only imagine how much time he spends in the gym. But it’s only when he gets totally naked that we can truly appreciate his masculine beauty … that uncut cock is spectacular, as are his sexy, hairy butt cheeks and that tight little hole hidden between them!

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Lads Next Door: Brian Townsend

Site favourite Brian is back at Lads Next Door – this time he gets introduced to a fleshlight. Apparently Brian had never come across one before. So he gets out of his clothes and shows off his lean body and luscious uncut cock. Then he starts playing around with the sex toy … pushing his rock-hard cock deep into those rubbery lips …. and, from the looks on his face, he’s really enjoying the sensations on his foreskin covered cock head and his thick meaty shaft!

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