Hard Brit Lads: Hans Berlin

Today Hard Brit Lads have a very sexy hunk of rugged muscle daddy for us to check out … the handsome blue eyed Hans Berlin! Watch as Hans strips out of his sports kit to reveal his broad, powerful hairy chest and big biceps, and throbbing, fat, hard uncut cock! He’s so turned on by the whole experience his dick is leaking pre-cum everywhere!

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William Higgins: Jason Lucius

Jason Lucius is 23yo and he lives in Slovakia. He is a soccer player, but also enjoys most other sports … and what a very handsome guy he is, with that rugged, masculine face. As he starts to strip off, the William Higgins cameras get to see that Jason also has a great body. The muscle definition is very good indeed. Lowering his pants some, and turning around, Jason gives a great tease of his hot, hairy butt. Then he gives us some more poses, flexing his biceps, before lying on his side and really showing off that sexy butt. With a hand spreading the cheeks we can see his hair-lined crack and the beautiful pucker hole. Jason then removes the rest of his clothes and stands to let our eyes wash over his hot body and down to his uncut cock. He pulls on the foreskin, stretching it out a bit … hot!

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Squirtz: David

David is a new model over at Squirtz. He is currently between jobs so he’s filling his time with some part-time moving work and doing some skiing in the winter. He’s a quiet guy and so he doesn’t hit the big clubs, preferring small neighbourhood bars with a pool table. David is bisexual and only recently discovered his interest in guys. But in the one year he’s been exploring his gay side, he hasn’t been timid, and all his partners have been impressed by his rocking body and fat uncut dick!

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William Higgins: Filo Bruska

Filo Bruska is 23yo and lives in Prague. He is student who enjoys sports, fitness and cycling. He is a very good looking guy and, as he removes his clothes in this shoot for William Higgins, we see that he has a very good body too. His massive chest and thick biceps look so good as he poses, to show off the muscles. He gives us some great poses before turning around to let us see his sexy butt and that tight little arsehole. Then when he turns back round, we also get to see his delicious uncut cock!

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