Bentley Race: Robby Price

Robbie was already naked and hard when he and Ben from Bentley Race started shooting in the back stairwell of Ben’s building. Robbie has got one of the nicest bums as he bends over to show off his hole. And you quickly realise how much he loves the attention when you see the stream of precum hanging from his thick uncut cock. Ben got splattered a couple of times in precum as he lay below him taking these shots! Enjoy Robbie and his huge uncut cock and his self blow-job!

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Bentley Race: Tom Lucas

So many of the straight mates at Bentley Race love getting naked and showing off in front of Ben’s camera. And the cold winter months in Australia recently haven’t stopped their enthusiasm. Even Ben’s 20 year old mate Tom Lucas had no problem stripping out of his soccer gear out in the public stairwell while Ben snapped some photos. Even at the age of 20 Tom Lucas is a giant of a man. He towers above Ben whilst showing off some of his nifty ball tricks. Eventually Tom gets completely naked and starts showing off his gorgeous fat uncut dick … check it out, yum!

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