Fore-skin: Anthony Dawn

Fore-Skin model Anthony Dawn is in the bathroom and he’s really horny. That’s why he’s in there in the first place. He needs a good, long jerk and this is the best place for him to do it. He takes his time to wash his hands before he gets down to business. He likes to caress his entire body to start making his cock grow and stiffen in his pants. As soon as he feels it push against his pants, it’s time for them to come off. That’s when he finally takes his uncut dick into his hand for a stroke …

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Fore-skin: Alvaro Rivers

Alvaro Rivers is a horny twink who’s always in the mood to show off for the Fore-Skin cameras. He likes to stand near the window so all of the guys on the street can get a good look at his sexy body. He can’t stop from letting his hands slip under his pants to grab onto his cock. He slowly pulls down his pants to take his dick out all the way. That’s when we see it’s uncut!

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Fore-Skin: Chase Anderson

Chase Anderson is a wholesome blonde twink who would love for you to watch him get naked and show off his fat uncut dick. He sits on the bed with his jeans and a shirt on and rubs his cock through his pants as the Fore-Skin cameras film him. He quickly pulls the front of his pants down so he can have easy access to his beautiful uncut cock. He licks his fingers and starts playing around with the foreskin. He pinches the foreskin on each side of his cock and slides it up and down the shaft. He pulls his pants all the way down to his ankles and gets a firm grip around his cock. He sticks his fingers in the foreskin again and he is clearly very turned on by the sensation that it gives him. He stretches the foreskin and pulls it over the head gorgeous cock. It feels so good that he tilts his head back and moans seductively.

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Fore-Skin: Cal

Cal is definitely an awesome mixture of jock and the pretty boy type … all combined into one hot young man. He’s got a nicely built body, a good haircut, tattoos and some great clothing. He loves to play with his hard uncut cock from time to time, especially that extra skin over the head! And today, the Fore-Skin camera team catches up with him as he starts to play with himself!

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