William Higgins: Milan Stanecek

Milan Stanecek is 23yo and enjoys many sports, especially soccer and shooting. This good looking straight guy is currently unemployed but does nude modelling from time to time. Today he’s showing off his stuff for the William Higgins cameras, and boy, he sure is a hottie! From his sexy, slim and smooth torso, down to his trimmed pubes that really help to show off his nice-sized uncut cock this guy is worth checking out … and don’t forget to look for the images of his tight hairy arsehole … hot indeed!

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Fore-Skin: Octavius

New Fore-Skin model Octavius was feeling pretty good about life today. He’s all about having fun, but before he does anything he needs to clean up after working his butt off earlier in the day. He’s come home, gone into the bathroom, washed his face, brushed his teeth and begins checking out his body. His hands rub his abs, he slowly turns himself on. He grabs his uncut cock and starts working the foreskin. He’s got a lot of extra foreskin and that really gets him going!

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William Higgins: Vilibald Athlon

Vilibald Athlon is 25yo … he’s a very handsome straight guy who runs a small business and enjoys playing various sports, health and nutrition, women, martial arts and Thai-boxing … but not necessarily in that order! He is a really great looking guy and, as he slowly undresses for the William Higgins cameras, we see that he has a very good body too. He’s got a nice uncut cock and not too shy to show off his arsehole either!

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Zack Randall: Zack Randall: In The Closet

Zack Randall has never been one for staying in the closet, but he returns – at least in theory – for this photo shoot in one! The naked guy is preparing for the day ahead and the cameras join him as he chooses what to wear, but of course there’s more pressing concerns, like the thick hooded cock rising up between his legs just begging to be stroked!

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