Blake Mason: Jack Hall

If the English accent is a major turn on for you, then you couldn’t get more of a typical quintessential English accent than the newest recruit at Blake Mason. His name is Jack Hall, and if the accent is enough to do it for you, then once this handsome young man peels himself out of his clothes his massive nine inch uncut cock is simply going to knock you sideways. Jack is a free lance artist who lives and works in London, he is very well travelled and enjoys taking in the cultures and history of other parts of the world. He confesses that he is a bit of an exhibitionist, and this really shows in his film, and judging by what he is packing downstairs no wonder he likes to take his kit off! Jack stands and strips to reveal one very large flaccid cock, he plays with it for a matter of seconds and it grows into one very impressively large cock, especially for his slight frame. He jerks off first sat where he slowly works his foreskin over his large cock head, then kneels on the sofa again jerking off at his own pace, admitting to liking to give and receive he turns to show off a very tight looking hair free hole, teasing his hole as he wanks … awesome!

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