ChaosMen: Alcidez

Alcidez is from El Salvador, but now lives in Texas. He loves being in Austin, as he can now more fully explore his sexuality. Although he is Bi, he seems more interested in guys. He is completely versatile, but tends to like to bottom more than topping. At just 5ft 6in tall, he surprises the ChaosMen crew when they realise he’s really packing a big uncut cock on him. It is nearly 8-inches long, with plenty of nice juicy foreskin.

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Bentley Race: Ryan Kai

Check out the newest cute mate over at Bentley Race … Ryan Kai. Ben doesn’t often get to shoot with Asian guys, so he was really happy to be contacted by Ryan asking if he could have a go at modelling on the site. It also happens that the 21 year old is straight, but doesn’t mind showing off naked for the cameras. Ryan plays a lot of sports and has the big thighs and perfect big round bum to show for it. Ryan is really well hung too … in fact, he has a gorgeous big uncut dick between those strong thighs, which got hard real fast and stayed that way the whole shoot!

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