SpunkWorthy: Eli

Eli is sort of a quiet type. He’s 24 years old and, in case the dog tags and haircut don’t give it away, he’s in the military. Eli was actually out recruiting for the military when SpunkWorthy first spotted him and decided to do a little recruiting of their own and handed him a card. Eli’s eyes suddenly lit up when he realized what it was for. Apparently, being in porn was something he’d thought about doing for a while. Even his stripper girlfriend gave him a thumbs up when she heard he was going to give it a shot. “So, are you uncut?” the cameraman asked him when he took his pants off. Eli laughed, “You’re the second person to ask me that this week.” He has what can be termed “French cut,” with foreskin that he can pull down about halfway over the head of his dick.

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