English Lads: Will Robson

Will Robson is one of those straight young men who is very comfortable showing off his body to the cameras of the English Lads gay-themed web site … he has started to let his almost hair free body get a little bit hairy again and when naked he seemed very relaxed … quite happy to show off his body and lie back and enjoy the experience. A little gentle teasy play with his foreskin and his cock grows into a rock hard erection! Will stands tall and proud and his uncut cock does the same, sitting flat against his abs when he gets really hard. Not shy about any of his body, he even shows off his slightly hairy straight man’s arsehole …

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Lucas Kazan: Will Helm

Will Helm sure knows how to pose and how to engage the Lucas Kazan cameras. In a long time relationship with a partner twice his age, Will is no ordinary porn star: he has managed a well-known Bar in Paris, publishes a popular page on Twitter and has a kinky, darker side we might all like to explore! But today you just have to be content checking out his muscular and toned body, hairy and sexy, plus, of course, his rock-hard uncut piece of man-meat!

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Bentley Race: William Tudor

William Tudor is a local office worker in Melbourne. He told Bentley Race that he loved doing his first porn shoot and felt totally comfortable getting naked in front of Ben as he filmed him … plus the 26 year old Will is really cute!! He turned up equipped with his footy gear after learning that Ben likes shooting guys in sports gear. Will and Ben quickly got in to taking these photos and as he stripped down it wasn’t long before he was showing off his rock hard uncut cock.

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