Bentley Race: Justin Evans

Category : Amazing Abs, Bentley Race, Broad Back, Defined, Jock, Muscular, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Thick Shaft, Tight Butt, White

Justin loves getting naked in front of the camera and he actually did his first shoot for Bentley Race over 3 years ago. Since then he’s become way more fit and really gets off on being filmed doing naughty things! Today Justin is in a fantasy shoot … we get to watch him stripping out of his school-boy uniform and showing off that beautiful uncut cock of his out on Ben’s hotel apartment balcony during his recent trip to Berlin.

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William Higgins: Bradley Cook

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Broad Back, Defined, Hairy Butt, Hairy Legs, Muscular, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Thick Shaft, Tight Butt, Twink, White, William Higgins

Bradley Cook is just 18yo and he is one very handsome straight young man to be sure! When he was still a student at high school, Bradley enjoyed tennis, fitness and sports generally. Right from the outset William Higgins was most impressed by Bradley, with his handsome, smiling face, blonde hair and those blue eyes. He looks very smart too, as he poses for the camera. Lifting his tee shirt shows his abs off nicely and when he flexes his biceps we can only imagine how much time he spends in the gym. But it’s only when he gets totally naked that we can truly appreciate his masculine beauty … that uncut cock is spectacular, as are his sexy, hairy butt cheeks and that tight little hole hidden between them!

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Southern Strokes: Amelio

Category : Amazing Abs, Athlete, Broad Back, Defined, Facial Hair, Hairy Butt, Hairy Legs, Latino, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, South'n Strokes, Tight Butt

Say hello to Peruvian hottie and Soccer Player Amelio. It’s been 11 years since this 5ft 8in, 140 lb sporty lad has lived in Peru, but Southern Strokes are certainly happy that he found his way down South to their neck of the woods. Amelio is open-minded, just like a lot of his buddies in Peru, and he openly likes having sex with boys … and girls. Amelio stood up and peeled off his shirt showing us his naturally smooth and perfectly defined chest … he also has nice big broad shoulders and a nice set of guns all leading the way down to his happy trail and a nice big hairy uncut cock!

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William Higgins: Anton Sanek

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Defined, Hairy Legs, Hunk, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Tight Butt, White, William Higgins

Anton Sanek is 27yo and straight. He’s a very good looking guy and works as a ware-houseman. In his spare time he enjoys sports, soccer and ice-hockey. He looks great in this William Higgins photo shoot as he poses for the camera, and strips naked, showing off his hairless torso and hard uncut cock!

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