ChaosMen: Brenner

Brenner wrote to ChaosMen about doing some video work. He indicated he was mostly straight in his first email, but had really been getting into guys lately … whatever that means! He is very sexual, and though he gets a bit nervous when his cock doesn’t spring to life right away … not quite what he was expecting. He’s a good looker, sexy and uncut, check him out below!

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English Lads: Justin McGregor

Justin comes back to the English Lads studios this week and strips down and pumps up his muscles and lets us see his tanned and really toned body, some great shots of the blond fuzz covering his body and legs. And to make things even hotter, today he lets Site members see that hairy hole of his that’s normally well-hidden between those fit butt cheeks! And if that wasn’t enough, Justin has a lovely long uncut cock, which gets hard real easy and stays that way for ages … he is quite the show off and his cock has a great life of its own!

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Amateurs Do It: Rick Chester

Look who’s back over at Amateurs Do It … the hot and handsome Rick Chester! Normally they are all about amateur Australian guys, but every once in a while they still show off some pros too! This week they’ve filmed the super sexy and well-hung Australian porn star Rick Chester and he’s looking as hot as ever! His incredibly hot body has matured to perfection, and here he shows it off, plus we also get some great views of his rock-hard uncut cock too!

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