Fantastic Foreskin: Zack Randall

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Defined, Fantastic 4skin, Hairy Legs, Hunk, Muscular, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Thick Shaft, White

The cameraman at Fantastic Foreskin has waited a long time to get Zack Randall in front of his lens. He’s one of the last of the real porn stars. Despite only being only 27 years old, he’s starred in major porn productions, been on numerous websites and been voted Freshmen Magazine’s Man of the Year … Twice! He’s performed all over the world and has a fiercely loyal fan-base. His handsome face, piercing eyes, perfect body and, of course, that big uncut cock, and that foreskin, are all hard to beat … or forget! Check him out!

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Fantastic Foreskin: Gabriel Martin

Category : Arm Pits, Fantastic 4skin, Hairy Butt, Hairy Chest, Hairy Legs, Hunk, Latino, Stocky, Tattoos

Gabriel is 21, furry, Latino and horny. He showed up for this Fantastic Foreskin shoot excited, dressed all in black including his basic Hanes boxer-briefs. Fantastic Foreskin have shot Gabriel twice before, but this time he was more relaxed, more open. He seemed more comfortable with his attraction to guys and he was up for anything. Gabriel knows how much the site members love his foreskin, so after stripping down, he gave us plenty of foreskin action. He pulls his foreskin with two fingers, opening it wide … feeling the moist cock-head, rubbing his finger around the inside of his ‘skin. Feels so good!

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Fantastic Foreskin: Leonardo

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Beefy, Fantastic 4skin, Hairy Chest, Hunk, Mixed, Muscular, Perfect Pecs, Thick Shaft

Leonardo is a charming Colombian making his nude debut this week at Fantastic Foreskin. He’s a sexy guy with a beautiful accent, handsome face and a well-built, masculine body … plus, of course, he’s also got one very appetizing uncut cock with a beautiful tapering foreskin!

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Fantastic Foreskin: Billy Durden

Category : Amazing Abs, Arm Pits, Facial Hair, Fantastic 4skin, Hunk, Nice Nuts, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Tattoos, White

This is Billy’s first porn shoot! Even tho he’s straight, he loved the idea of showing off his hot, tattooed body and chunky uncut cock for a bunch of hard, horny gay guys. Billy undressed and the Fantastic Foreskin cameraman noticed his foreskin was a bit shorter than most. Billy replied that he had the full turtle-neck growing up, but as his cock grew (and grew) his foreskin didn’t. He’s still got some nice ‘skin, but his cock head is always peaking out!

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