Bentley Race: Kell Fuller

Earlier this year Bentley Race got to hang out with hot mate Kell Fuller. You might remember Ben met the 18-year-old Russian during his first trip to Germany 2 years ago. While Ben was staying in Berlin at the beginning of the year, they met up again to get some new nude photos at Ben’s hotel. This time Ben got Kell playing in a bubble bath, showing off his perfect meaty round bum and big uncut dick.

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Bentley Race: Connor Peters

Just before Australia went into lock down earlier in the year, cute Bentley Race mate Connor Peters dropped by for a shoot out on their buildings roof top. And what a perfect day it was to get naked outside. 22yo Connor, from the suburbs of Melbourne, quickly became popular after Ben first posted some photos of that cute face and big uncut cock on his site earlier this year. In this shoot, it was a nice warm day and so they finished up the shoot with Connor getting drenched as he poured water down his naked body.

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Bentley Race: Byron Atwood

This is cute new mate Byron Atwood’s first shoot with Bentley Race. Ben met the 20yo Melbourne lad recently and found him to be great fun to hang out and shoot with. They spent a lot of time pulling apart Ben’s room getting out things to wear for the shoot and chatting. In the end they chose the little shorts and long socks for this shoot. The photos look good, as does Byron’s naked body, tight butt and uncut cock!

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