Squirtz: Zac Hunter

When it was only just a few days past Zac Hunter’s 18th birthday … he’s known he’s wanted to be in porn for some years now … this pint-sized package, containing a super-sized amount of self-assurance, turned up to the Squirtz studios offering his services! Naturally they let him in … and this is the result! Zac is studying music at college and specializes in jazz saxophone. He’s apparently very good at it too! Although Zac has a really nice uncut dick, he prefers to be bottom … tho, he quickly adds, “a dominant bottom”!

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Southern Strokes: Rafael Escobar

Rafael has one of the hottest upper bodies the Southern Strokes camera crew have ever laid eyes on and they have seen plenty of chests in in their line of work! Rafael chatted with for a while before he stood up and let his shorts fall to the ground. He reached into his red underwear and pulled out a fat uncut cock. He tugged on his cock for a while until the blood started to fill up the vast shaft. Rafael’s cock kept growing and growing … quite a whopper he’s got down there!

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Squirtz: Shawn Furino

Shawn Furino is a 22yo hottie and he sure is beautiful to look at! He takes care of his body by going to the gym and running, he’s very intellectual, enjoying school and reading books and maybe best of all, he’s a passionate, professional chef! When you first hear him talk in this Squirtz video you might be inclined to presume he’s a straight lad. He gets that a lot. But you will be very pleased to learn that Shawn is 100% gay … uncut and versatile, but often prefers bottoming!

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Blake Mason: Mickey Taylor

Mickey is a handsome and sexy young man with a very alternative look. There’s a lot of ink covering his slight, defined body, and it makes him a very interesting young man. He’s a male model, but the move to gay porn interests him and Blake Mason are absolutely willing to help him with that too. The nervousness is clear, but that soon passes when he strips and shows off his gorgeous uncut cock and gets stroking on it.

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