English Lads: Andy

Andy is a muscular young hunk from English Lads.  He has a great body, lots of interesting tattoos, a hairy chest that he keeps well-clippered and a great looking, fat, uncut cock that gets hard very easily!

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Homopunk: Luc Notsnad Naked On The Roof

a few days ago,Luc contacted Homopunk, as he was in town and very eager to do a new Video . They decided to do a nude Shooting on the roof . it was pretty hot that day( almost baking ),so Luc’s sensitive ginger skin and big uncut cock got a few sunburns … But the result was worth it!

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Sean Cody: Jeb

Jeb is a recent model over at Sean Cody. He’s muscular and well-defined, with a smooth torso, gorgeously tanned skin and an attractive uncut cock you never get to see soft!

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ChaosMen: Sage

Sage is a young natural body builder. He is of mixed-heritage, Mexican, Spanish, Southern European. His hair colour, while not technically a “red-head” is a bit more typical in those places mentioned, as well as Argentina and Uruguay, where Northern European genetics get mixed into the genetic stew. ChaosMen found Sage to be a super nice kid … Very polite and eager to please. He did drop a 90 pound dumbbell on his right shoulder a couple weeks before the shoot, so they had to do a little make-up on the residual bruising! He is a brutally handsome guy, with a killer body, and thick, uncut cock … check him out!

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