Active Duty: Sebastian

New Active Duty recruit Sebastian is a former Army Ranger. He’s 27 years old, stands 6ft 4in tall, has size 13 feet and weighs a rock solid 235 lbs. Not only is this stud sporting a huge uncut jewel to match his size, but he also has an interesting history. He’s not only been deployed several times to Iraq and other places, but he also played college basketball, ran track in high school and loves to work out. He was born in Germany and was there when the wall came down.

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Bentley Race: Damien Lance

20yo Damien Lance is showing off today at Bentley Race. He’s flexing his muscles and stripping down naked until he is just wearing his high tops. He thought it was funny that Ben was spending so much time taking photos of his bum as he lay on the bed. Damien is a really super sweet guy and he’s also got a nice uncut cock, which we can see gets nice and hard when he’s aroused!

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William Higgins: Vilem Tel

Vilem Tel is 24yo, lives in Prague and enjoys fitness, ice-hockey and tennis. He is a very handsome, clean cut looking guy. He certainly looks very good indeed as he poses for the William Higgins camera. He has a great body, defined, washboard abs, nice butt … plus he also possesses a lovely, fat uncut cock. That cock looks so good when soft, with the foreskin covering the head, and resting on his balls. Then Vilem gets his cock nice and hard, so that the head pokes out, through the foreskin … even better!

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Zack Randall: Cooling Down With His Uncut Cock

Zack Randall loves to work his uncut cock outside, and even when it’s boiling hot he knows how to have fun and keep himself cool. Stripping naked by the pool he enjoys the spray from the waterfall, playing with his floppy uncut cock and working himself up to a boner!

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