Rate These Guys: Logan: Working His Foreskin

Logan’s foreskin is juicy, slippery and very playful. He tugs and wiggles his growing cock, sliding his foreskin up and down his long shaft. When the skin slips over the head of his dick your mouth will water in anticipation of the peek-a-boo moments thereafter. Framed by a musky forest of dark pubes, Logan’s uncut cock looks too enticing for words. Check him out in even more detail over at Rate These Guys!

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Rate These Guys: Max: Foreskin Show

Max has a huge 9 inch cock, and for the foreskin lovers out there you’ll be excited to know that it’s completely uncut. His foreskin covers his big helmet like a cloak, just waiting for you to slip it back to reveal his piss slit (or his cum hole, depending on his mood!). Max demonstrates how stretchy his foreskin is by sliding it back and forth over his length, and then by pulling on it to tease the Rate These Guys cameras. It seems to tease him too as he grows a raging erection while doing so, showing off his thick girth and impressive size!

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