ChaosMen: Landon Pierce

Landon is a “mature for his age” type of guy. He has had several long-term relationships with guys, but is now single and eager to do some porn. He is super friendly and ChaosMen reckoned this was a fun video to shoot. While just a little nervous to start with, he soon got into the zone and was showing-off his uncut cock. For a lean guy, he sure has a nice bubble-butt on him too!

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ChaosMen: Max Marciano

Max Marciano has been doing porn for about a year now, so he is very polished performer. He identifies as straight, and with his painted toenails and over all vibe, some might have a tough time classifying him as straight tho. He says he is happy to have sex with guys, but his main drive outside of ‘work’ is women. Max has such a hot body, that it is hard to focus on just one defining attribute in this ChaosMen shoot. From his adorable curly locks, handsome face, hot body, delicious uncut cock, and amazing muscled butt, you may find it hard to focus on the total package that he is.

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