William Higgins: Petr Plodner

Petr Plodner is a great looking straight guy who is 20yo and currently unemployed and enjoys playing sports in his spare time, especially ice-hockey and football. He looks really great in this William Higgins shoot … flashing the camera an amazing smile very early on. We can see Petr has a beautiful chest, so slim and well defined; and then he removes his pants and lowers his underwear slightly, standing with his hands on his hips. Turning and bending over, with the underwear pushed down over his arse cheeks, we get a great of his tight, shaved hole. Then Petr stands up straight, faces the camera and gives us a really nice view of his soft uncut cock and balls. He takes hold of his cock by the foreskin and pulls on it, stretching it way out in front of him, then he releases it and it snaps back and he laughs as the camera moves in close to fully inspect his rapidly hardening cock!

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