William Higgins: Jan Tocna

Jan Tocna lives in Kosice, Slovakia. He is aged 26 and works as a cook. In his spare time he enjoys sports, ice hockey and fitness. What a very fit guy he is too. He looks very good as he poses for the William Higgins cameras, with his tee shirt lifted to show off a great body. Removing the tee shirt completely shows off a wonderful chest. When he drops the pants as well we see that he has thick, muscled thighs as well. Turning, and lowering his underwear gives a great view of a very nice, smooth butt as well. Then, turning back, we get to see Jan’s uncut cock in its flaccid state. He then starts to flex his muscles, in a series of poses that show everything off very well indeed. Completely naked Jan then kneels on the sofa to show off his hot arse. He then sits on the sofa and plays with his cock. He gets it nice and hard and then stands to show it off!

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