Bentley Race: Monroi Rossi

One of the most beautiful looking young lads to join the modelling team over at Bentley Race this year is Monroi Rossi … he’s been visiting Australia from South America. The 26yo Monroi is straight and looks very nerdy at first in his glasses, but before long he’s starting to take his clothes off, first showing off his bubble butt and then, a delight to behold, his gloriously hard and sexy uncut cock … which has plenty of extra skin and he shows just how far he can stretch it too!

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Bentley Race: Tom Lucas

20 year old Tom Lucas is a professional wrestler who lives in Melbourne and he’s the newest mate over at Bentley Race. One of his mates told him about the site and encouraged him to contact them to find out about doing some modelling. Zac was the photographer for this shoot and he says that Tom was a bit nervous to begin with, but before long he actually loved posing and flexing in front of the camera. And getting his fat uncut cock hard was no problem at all!

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