Sean Cody: William

William used to be in the military, but now he’s a cattle rancher. William has a compact little body, and his cock looks huge against his frame. And while they were filming Sean Cody noticed that his hairy balls were hanging just as low as his cock. “You’re pretty furry down there,” Sean said. “Do you ever shave?” “Once,” he said. “It was really smooth and it made my cock look huge, but it was just a lot of work. I like things simpler so I keep it all natural.” William really enjoyed playing with his balls. During the day he kept pulling on them or fondling them during breaks. Sean was full of questions that day and William wasn’t shy, so he asked one more … “What’s life like with an uncut cock?” … “Fun!” he replied. “There is more sensation. I actually feel bad for guys with a cut dick … it must be boring!”

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