Sean Cody: Phillip

Phillip is from a former Soviet bloc country. He came to America in search of adventure. Although he’s made the United States his home, he still likes to travel. Phillip is gay and he came out shortly after turning 18. “When I was 18 I had five guys all together,” he told Sean Cody. “I just came out and five guys right away! It was great!” He’s very sexual and he wasn’t shy about what he likes. “I like very good oral so if a guy can give very good oral then that’s a great plus,” he said. On his sexual partners he says: “I like them to be flexible, go I can come from any spot I want, from behind, from the side, from, you know, the top.” … “So you’re a top, you like to fuck?” asked Sean. “I like to fuck!” he said, and then repeated: “I like to fuck.” Phillip has a nice uncut dick with a full bush, plus he also has a naturally hairy chest, which he also does not shave.

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