Southern Strokes: Isaac

Isaac is 5ft 9in tall with dark olive skin, dark hair and a cute boyish face. Isaac knew he was gay as soon as he was able to walk. He loves sex and especially loves to be watched. So right there, in front of the Southern Strokes cameras, he pulled out his uncut cock and settled into the chair and grabbed the shaft and gave it a good squeeze and tug … and naturally, it grew longer and fatter with each tug on that long, silky foreskin.

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Southern Strokes: Cam

Cam and his buddy were driving thru the South on their way up to work on Fire Island for the summer and they decided to hit up their favourite porn site (Southern Strokes naturally) and see if they could maybe cum by and have some fun. Well, the Producers were quick to agree and went straight over to their hotel. They knocked at the door and Cam answered, wearing only a towel to hide his rock-hard uncut cock … and things just got better from there!

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