Latin Boyz: Ocho

A lot of people don’t know that you can apply to be a Latin Boyz model directly from their site … which is exactly what their latest horny Latin twink Ocho did. He sent in his application a couple weeks ago and told them that he’s a natural exhibitionist and loves showing off. Ocho wasn’t joking! He was so horny that his uncut dick was rock hard for the entire shoot and he could barely push it down to get it to point straight out. In addition to that rock hard cock he has a beautiful hairless arse.

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Latin Boyz: Nielo

Everyone loves a Colombian twinks cute face, sexy body, six pack abs and a thick cock. Undoubtedly Nielo meets this description. The Latin Boyz photographer saw him running in the park shirtless a couple of weeks ago. When he turned off the path and headed into an area of thick trees and bushes, he decided to follow him. After a few minutes he spotted Nielo taking a piss and was naturally impressed by his beautiful uncut cock. Nielo was aware that he was watching him but didn’t seem to mind and actually started getting hard after he finished pissing. The photographer didn’t tell what happened next, but did submit this hot photo shoot for our enjoyment!

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Latin Boyz: Wapo

One of the Latin Boyz members did an online search for ‘naked Latins big dicks’ and ended up finding the social media page of their new model Wapo and contacted him to see if he would be interested in modelling for the site. Wapo really needed the money and said yes right away. He’s a happy guy with an easy smile and had a lot of fun doing the shoot and showing off that big dick as well as his hot arse!

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Latin Boyz: Elito

This cute hung Latin twink with the innocent face and curly hair is a recent model over at Latin Boyz and his name is Elito. In person he is a little shy, but after talking for a while they finally got some of the juicy parts out of him. Like having a foursome recently and the fact that he likes to fuck in as many positions as possible whenever he hooks up. He is mostly a top but when he’s really horny he will bottom too. But, 90% of the time he likes to stick that ultra-thick uncut cock into some tight boy booty!

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