Fore-skin: Victor Creed

Fore-Skin model Victor Creed is in bed and he’s going to use his private time to his advantage. He reaches down and pulls his uncut cock right out of his pants so he doesn’t waste a single second. He gives it a few tugs before he gives in and pushes his pants and underwear down and out of the way. Now he has full access and can cup his swollen balls with one hand while he strokes his thick and stiff shaft with the other one!

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Fore-skin: Alessandro Katz

Eastern European twink and Fore-Skin model Alessandro Katz slips his long and skinny uncut cock out and starts fingering his delightful foreskin, tracing his thumb under it and around the head of his dick. Alessandro is in no rush, circling his cock again and again under his long hood. You are going to love watching him tug on his insanely sexy foreskin, pulling it up and over his meaty cock again and again.

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