English Lads: Noah Wilton

Noah is new to modelling and was recommended to English Lads by his best friend, who is himself very cute, tho yet to doing any modelling, but is nevertheless very interested. Site Members will see that Noah gets hard real easy and once his uncut cock is in his hand it goes from soft to erect pretty darn fast and sticks straight up like a missile! This straight lad has a lean and toned body with a great tan … only his butt is pure white and his hole is surrounded by a some light fuzz.

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English Lads: Reuben Clark

This is Reuben Clark’s first photo shoot for English Lads and he was a natural right from the start. He is very relaxed on camera and is one of those models who seems even more relaxed when naked! A lot of young men with great physiques enjoy showing off their bodies so others can enjoy looking at them and some definitely get a buzz from being naked on camera! This is definitely Reuben to a T … he just loves being naked and playing with his uncut cock seems to be his career! He stands tall at over 6ft 2in tall and at 83kg he has some meat on his frame! Reuben has that great mix of large muscles with great definition and an uncut cock that is a sight to behold!

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