English Lads: Jon Wills

Jon is the identical twin of one the English Lads most popular models, Rich Wills. The guys are physically identical and share many personality similarities; at 21yo Jon has slightly smaller muscles as Rich has muscled up due to him being a PT. Though once you see Jon naked you can get to enjoy that same asset that they both share; a rather over endowed uncut whopper of a cock! Another similar trait, is they both go from soft to hard in a very short time; when Jon is soft he has an impressive big one, with real dangly balls, when erect his uncut cock sticks straight up, pumping and bobbing around to his heartbeat!

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English Lads: Anthony Forde

Anthony plays quite a bit of football (Soccer) and the naughty English Lads cameraman asked him after the game, when the lads are all in the shower who has the biggest cock! He says there is always lots of banter, but admits he and one other lad have the largest cocks! Well Anthony has a 6 incher when soft, but once he pumps his uncut cock his erection is some 9 inches long and really thick. He also admits he takes off his clothes without much encouragement and he shows Site Members in this shoot today just how much he enjoys playing with his uncut cock and that he is even happy to let them see his hairy manhole too!

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