Bentley Race: Jake Jensen

It has been the middle of winter in Australia so filming at Bentley Race has slowed down a little. But when cute guys like Jake Jensen come along Ben naturally can’t resist pulling out the cameras for a quick hoot. Jake is an Irish gay boy now living in Melbourne. The 21 year old student couldn’t wait to get his gear off when he arrived for his shoot. The shoot started off outdoors at the river side and ended up indoors where the naked shots started. You will like Jake’s boyish looks and his blond furry bum … but best of all, just check out the fat uncut dick that pops into view as he pulls aside that jockstrap!

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Bentley Race: Jay Townsend

Bentley Race mate Jay Townsend was back in town. Ben first met Jay when he was 20, back in 2009. He would have been categorised as a twink back then. But now he’s back doing a new shoot, he’s all grown up now and looks amazing! At the age of 25 Jay is incredibly fit and you’ll love that he is letting his body hair grow. Even though it was still chilly outside, Jay wanted to strut naked out on the rooftop one more time … you’ll just love his uncut cock, long foreskin and big dangly balls!

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Lucas Kazan: Gennaro Grimaldi

Lucas Kazan says Gennaro works as a part-time baker, but that he is a full-time stallion! He hails from Naples (can you tell?) and identifies himself as straight, but, much like all straight men truly comfortable with themselves and their sexuality, he has no hang-ups and zero inhibitions. Give him a willing male arse and he’ll pound it with no less enthusiasm than he would his girlfriend’s. Check out his uncut cock … lots of foreskin there when he’s soft, and a nice piece of man-meat when it’s hard!

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