Bentley Race: Benjamin Bosco

Bentley Race freely admits he has a crush on his 24yo model Benjamin Bosco. This young lad from South American is incredibly good-looking and very flirtatious too! Although we have seen Benjamin before, this is actually the first time Benjamin modelled for Ben and they did a simple stripping photo-shoot in the bathroom and shower. Benjamin was all smiles wearing just a flimsy pair of blue nylon shorts before getting naked and soaping up his uncut cock and bubble butt in the shower!

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Bentley Race: Cristian Berry

While Ben was on vacation in Europe late last year, he met some very sexy guys. 26-year-old Cristian Berry and he had been chatting online for a while and planned to meet up in Berlin. Ben was really impressed by Cristian when he had sent some shots of himself wearing a speedo. The hot Colombian guy met up at Ben’s hotel to take some sexy photos for the Bentley Race website. Firstly, Cristian is softy spoken and has a big cheeky grin. He’s very fit with big tattoo’d arms and a very nice, sexy bum and that large uncut dick. Check him out below!

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