Bentley Race: David Avila

During his recent European vacation Bentley Race got to meet up with some very beautiful guys. Ben hadn’t expected to get so many sexy guys modelling for him at the bleakest part of this hotel room door soaked from the freezing rain outside. It was his first day visiting Berlin and he was coming to model naked for us! David is very handsome with a beautiful, thick muscled body and a chubby uncut cock.

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Blake Mason: Hans Berlin

German hunk Hans Berlin is no stranger to the Blake Mason film crew, so they were very happy to have him appearing on their site recently. This gorgeous hunk of man is a famous porn star already, known for being a great versatile top with a big uncut cock that all the guys can’t get enough of. Find out more about him and check out that fat dick of his … plus enjoy watching him play with all that extra skin it has … he certain does, as evidenced by all the pre-cum oozing out his piss-slit!

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