Bentley Race: Rocco Milano

Well this wasn’t you normal Friday night football with your mates around. Rocco dropped over to see Bentley Race at his hotel in Sydney a couple of weeks ago to watch the football together. There were a few delays in the game so they decided that Rocco should pose in his fan gear while they waited. They had a laugh as he tried pulling different poses with the ball. But by the time he pulled out that beautiful cock it was already hard as a rock …

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Bentley Race: Paulie Vauss

22 year old Paulie Vauss is a dancer in the bars in Chicago. Ben from Bentley Race saw him is a show and asked him afterwards about modelling for his site. It turns out that he’s a really sweet guy and had no problem coming round to Ben’s hotel to strip naked and jack off on video. Paulie is actually a straight boy, but like any good exhibitionist, he loves the attention he gets from both girls and guys.

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Blake Mason: Scott Foden

Scott is a beefy and muscled hunk who really hasn’t had a whole lot of experience with guys … apparently he’s been sucked and wanked off a couple of times by other guys, but he’s never done anything in return. This uncut guy really needs to experience some things, and after seeing him stroking his hooded dick here with Blake Mason today, they are already making plans … if he’s up for it!

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