Straight Off Base: Robin

Straight Off Base model, USMC Corporal Robin, hails from the state of Colorado, is 20 years old, stands 6ft tall and weighs in at a beefy 230 lbs. Robin participated in jujitsu and boxing during his high school years and recently banged a girl on the hood of his car while parked alongside a busy highway. Once the cameras are out, Corporal Robin removes his clothes and stretches out on the chair to show off his beefy body and slowly stroke his thick uncut 8 inch uncut cock!

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Active Duty: Sebastian

New Active Duty recruit Sebastian is a former Army Ranger. He’s 27 years old, stands 6ft 4in tall, has size 13 feet and weighs a rock solid 235 lbs. Not only is this stud sporting a huge uncut jewel to match his size, but he also has an interesting history. He’s not only been deployed several times to Iraq and other places, but he also played college basketball, ran track in high school and loves to work out. He was born in Germany and was there when the wall came down.

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