Bentley Race: Jakub Novak

Everyone knows that Bentley Race loves extra-large dicks, so when Ben met Jakub Novek last year he almost couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this huge flaccid uncut cock as it fell out of this young man’s boxer shorts. Ben was on vacation in Berlin at the time and one of his local mates over there suggested he meet this 18 year old with a real big dick. So this year while in Europe Ben decided to travel to Jakub’s home town in Poland to meet with him and some of his mates. And being the middle of winter in Poland the poor boy was freezing by the time they got back to Ben’s hotel room. So Ben suggested that they start this shoot in the bathroom so Jakub could take a nice hot shower and warm up. Jakub was already boning up when he stripped down to these bright little shorts. He could barely keep that thing hidden since he had grown so large! Check it out below … it’s a whopper!

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