Bentley Race: Max Leider

24 year old German lad Max Leider was really nervous when he met Bentley Race in the lobby of Ben’s hotel in Berlin recently. Ben’s first impression was that this was a really cute guy and that they were gonna hit it off well right away … this was going to be a fun shoot! Max is about 6ft 4in or 5in tall and he towered above Ben’s he was taking these photos … plus, it turns out that he’s also big in the pants! It’s one of the thickest uncut cocks Ben has had the pleasure of seeing in recent times! Check it out below!

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Hard Brit Lads: Sam Porter

With his strong, manly look, shaved head and muscled body, Sam Porter is quite an impressive sight … he’s got a massive uncut nine inch cock, which is uncut and very thick too! Starting with an interview at Hard Brit Lads, Sam chats about the type of guy he goes for, and how he keeps in such great shape. He has a deep voice and a very sexy northern accent. He stands up, pulls out his huge cock, which hangs thick and heavy and Sam slides his foreskin back and forth over the end and his dick just gets harder and thicker, till it reaches its full nine inches! Hot!

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English Lads: Sam Hansworth

Young lad Sam was a popular guy on the English Lads sister site, Fit Young Men, and was very chilled out about getting naked and getting hard easily when on camera, so he jumped at the chance of doing this shoot. He’s a lean, athletic looking guy – with a handsome face, and eyes that really pull you in! He does a lot of boxing, has a smooth body and quite a few tattoos … on his back, arms and feet. One of his best assets tho, is in his undies – as Site Members get to see – as soon as they come off you see how big his uncut cock is – not just long, but really thick. It “boings” up straight away! He shows off his arsehole too – fairly smooth like the rest of his body, this lad isn’t at all shy!

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