William Higgins: Dave Cargo

Dave Cargo is 23yo and this horny straight guy is currently unemployed and spends his time on activities likes jogging, keeping fit and athletics. He looks so good in his clothes, but as he begins to strip off for the William Higgins cameras he looks even hotter … he’s is super-fit, ripped and amazingly strong and athletic. Plus he has a really fat uncut cock that gets to a considerable size when fully hard!

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Sean Cody: Reid

“When did you decide to grow a beard?” asked Sean Cody. “About six months ago,” Reid replied. “I was feeling lazy, didn’t feel like shaving for a week … and then I liked it!” “Well, it looks good on you,” Sean said. “It matches the rest of your body!” … “Yeah, I guess,” he said with a chuckle. Reid has a nice amount of chest hair, which totally works, plus hairy legs too. He’s got a lean, nicely muscled, swimmer’s build, great butt and he’s uncut too!

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Sean Cody: Gustav

“I’m from Poland,” Gustav explained as he kicked a soccer ball around. “I’ve been here almost ten years.” “Why did you move over here?” Sean Cody asked. “I wanted to try something different,” he replied. “Have a new adventure.” Gustav’s English is good, but his accent was a little hard to understand at times! “You’re pretty good with the soccer ball,” Sean said. “Yes, I’ve been playing since I was a little kid.” … Europeans and their soccer! The most striking thing about Gustav is his crystal blue eyes! He’s also got a smooth, muscled body and nice-sized uncut cock!

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