Sean Cody: Riley

“ I’m a fire fighter,” Riley told Sean Cody. “It’s pretty boring until you get a call.” Riley is a fan of the site and he was excited to be on the other side of the camera. “It’s a new experience,” he said. “ I’m excited about doing some ‘stuff’ here!” He said he likes guys who are a little older and more muscular than he is … “Normally I’m kind of shy when it comes to guys!” he said “but I’ll pursue a guy if I see him and I really want him!” … what guy in his right mind would turn down this fit uncut cutie?

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Blake Mason: Riley Tess

Sporty and fit Riley Tess is a handsome and hot versatile dude who knows what he likes, especially in the bedroom. He loves to choke on cock and play domination games, and there are more than a few guys who would love to play with him too! He loves to show off his long uncut cock to the Blake Mason cameras, really playing with it and his big balls until the pre-cum oozes out of the piss-slit …

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