Maskurbate: Philippe: Need A Hand?

Young bodybuilders like Philippe are pretty easy to find in Montreal. But very few of them are willing to let another man worship them in front of the camera and even less will allow him to touch their cocks! Before shooting this scene the Maskurbate cameraman wanted to make sure Philippe was really ok with it and understood that it was going to be on the net. Lucky us, he had no problem with it. Though you can sense from time to time that he was slightly uncomfortable, he really seems to enjoy the overall experience. Stroking this young jock’s large uncut cock would be an awesome experience!

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Lucas Kazan: Philippe Delvaux

Philippe Delvaux is only 19, but has already honed his porn skills. In fact, Philippe recently won the Hustlaball Award for Best Newcomer. He was so happy, so excited he couldn’t help telling everyone on this Lucas Kazan shoot … “I like doing porn,” he says, “I like travelling and meeting interesting people. It’s also good money. All my friends know I’m doing it.”