SpunkWorthy: Rich

Rich is back at SpunkWorthy by popular demand. And apparently he’s told just about everyone about showing his cock to the world: his brother, all of his band-mates, even his new girlfriend. “She actually wanted to come along to watch.” He grimaced and added, “I thought that’d be a little weird.” Rich has gotten a lot of fan emails which made him blush a bit, being a modest guy. A few people asked about him being uncut or not. “Technically, I’m uncut. But if I pull it forward, it doesn’t really stay.” … Rich was anxious getting to work stroking his cock and seemed to remember how much fun he had showing off on camera. His big, low-hanging balls were bouncing when he bent over for an ass shot.

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Blake Mason: Lewis Blackwell

We all know a straight bloke or two whose whole life revolves around football, drinking and girls. All of which are completely interconnected, it seems. Mr. Lewis Backwell is by no means an exception! This twenty-three year old Bristol lad can barely get a few words out in this Blake Mason video without tying it all back to football (and inevitably drinking and girls.) Lewis is a doggy-man, he likes to fuck from behind and give it rough; not surprisingly, this good-looking man’s ultimate fantasy scenario is football locker room sex! Check out his fat uncut cock … pretty sure some of his footie mates like the look of it as much as the girls do!

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