Sean Cody: Randy

Randy is a handsome young body-builder who is doing his first solo nude shoot with Sean Cody this week, He’s got the most massive smooth chest and washboard abs, with broad shoulders and amazing pecs. Then going down, you find hairy legs, with massive thighs, a very hairy butt, and almost completely hidden hole, plus a fat-shafted uncut cock too! One seriously hot hunk!

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Southern Strokes: Cam

Cam and his buddy were driving thru the South on their way up to work on Fire Island for the summer and they decided to hit up their favourite porn site (Southern Strokes naturally) and see if they could maybe cum by and have some fun. Well, the Producers were quick to agree and went straight over to their hotel. They knocked at the door and Cam answered, wearing only a towel to hide his rock-hard uncut cock … and things just got better from there!

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Bentley Race: Harry Louis: Wet

Ben from Bentley Race is quite used to shooting in tight spaces when he’s travelling around the world, but this shoot in a tiny London bathroom with Harry Louis was just crazy! Ben really wanted to see Harry getting wet and only had the tiny hotel bathroom to play in. With Ben, his big camera, Harry and his huge cock … there really wasn’t room for them all! Harry had no trouble cracking a boner as the hot water runs down over the nylon speedos barely concealing his bulging uncut cock. It’s not long before it finally flicks out of his speedos and it acts like a water spout and drenching Ben in water in the process!

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