Bentley Race: Damien Dyson

After Bentley Race met Aussie country lad Damien earlier this year, he just knew they’d be hanging out together a lot in the future. Damien has hooked up with some of Ben’s other mates on the site, but today Damien is doing an impromptu strip show for Ben and his camera … and us! The hotel room they were using at the time of the shoot had huge windows looking out across the city. So while Damien’s uncut cock is at full mast Ben gets him to show it off in the window. This lanky skinny mate loves a dare and quickly jumps up into a position where the whole world can see it.

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Blake Mason: Nickie Styles

Intelligent and cute, the new model over at Blake Mason is a fit young man from a rural area in the UK, and his name is Nickie Styles. Nickie is interested in making porn after watching plenty of it in his younger years. This confident young man loves the outdoors, and he loves sex too, obviously. While he looks quite innocent, you will soon discover he’s actually quite daring and adventurous, plus nicely hung with an intact uncut cock to boot!

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Videoboys: Xavier Powell

Xavier Powell has the biggest cock of any twink the Videoboys team has ever seen and in this scene he puts it to good use. Xavier had never used a Fleshjack before and wondered if his big fat dick would even it in that tight little hole. But with a bit of lube and big push, Xavier was in, foreskin and all. It was quite a stretch but you can tell from his reaction that Xavier was loving that thing on his dick.

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