Squirtz: London Carrera

Category : Amazing Abs, Hairy Butt, Perfect Pecs, Shaved/Smooth, Slim, Squirtz, Tattoos, Thick Shaft, Twink, White

Looking at new Squirtz model London Carrera, with his tattoos, gauged ears and so on, you’d think he was born and bred urban. But actually London has spent most of his life out in farm country. He even had his first sex out in a corn field. He’s something of a self-taught artist and he’d like to bring his talents into a career as a tattoo artist. Though he has had sex with women, he finds he’s more attracted to guys and likes quite a wide variety of types. He’s versatile and prefers his sex to be gentle, romantic and, after the cornfield experience, he now prefers sex in a bedroom!

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