You Love Jack: Mick Roberts

As Mick Roberts pushes his pants down to reveal his massive 9 inch uncut cock poking  out of his underwear, we are reminded that not all men are created equal!  This guy is beyond the norm … his cock is a sight to behold, and the You Love Jack cameras capture it perfectly, from different angles, so we get to know it intimately … have fun checking out every last inch of this Italian manhood!

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Hard Brit Lads: Mario

Mario is a straight kick-boxer and at 6ft 3in, with huge shoulders, broad chest and powerful legs, he’s a force to reckon with.  His pecs are firm and big and his abs are fantastic, as these pics from Hard Brit Lads show … but you just have to check out his thick uncut cock … so hot!

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Sean Cody: Luka

Luke is a spunky blond 22yo guy from the west coast of the US.  He likes to lift weights and run and play up to the girls.  Sean Cody took him outdoors for the first part of this shoot to show off his chest in the local park, and Luka sure has a nice lithe body … but the best bit remained hidden.  When they got back inside, he stripped naked and we got to see his delightful uncut cock … enjoy!

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You Love Jack: Damien Connor

Damien Connor pulls his uncut cock out from inside his shorts and holds it up to the You Love Jack cameras and we can see every detail of this amazing 7 inch uncut wonder.  It’s long and shapely, thicker in the middle and has a perfect mushroom head … every glorious detail is shown, right down to his tight little pink rosebud … sexy guy!

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