MenofMontreal: Matthew Cox

Weighing in at 165 lbs, Matthew Cox is a blonde bomb who is packing some pretty heavy muscle. He trains 5 times a week and works as a security guard, occasionally stripping on weekends in a men’s club in Montreal. Felix Brazeau introduced Matthew to the MenofMontreal team for this solo shoot. But they soon found out that this wasn’t the first time that he’s shown his uncut goods in front of a camera. He’s done a bit of amateur stuff in the past. This probably explains why he was so comfortable around the crew, not being shy at all. He joked around quite a bit between takes and was very casual about being naked. He didn’t hesitate to strip all off for the cameras as soon as his interview was done!

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ChaosMen: Drale

Drale is ChaosMen model Teo’s little brother, and after Teo’s good times working with there, he finally got his brother to come in and do some video work. They don’t look too much alike in the face, but geez, from the neck down they are ringers for each other. Especially their uncut cocks! They both have the same lightening bolt scar/vein on the underside. Even the basic shape is the same … Drale, of course, thinks his dick is bigger, but if you compare the images below of both brothers (Drale is in the first 6, Teo is in the final 2), they seem pretty evenly matched!

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Dominic Ford: Angel Rock

Angel Rock is a super-hot top performer at Dominic Ford. He’s a beefy, masculine guy, with amazing pecs, washboard abs and broad shoulders … plus he’s got a nice amount of fur, as well as a beard … and of course, he’s also well-hung, with a very nice fat and uncut dick!

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Sean Cody: Bob

Bob spends a lot of time at work, so when the chance to do something fun pops up he takes it. He had huge smile on his face as he quickly shed his clothes in order to jump into the pool! “I think this is the first time I have ever gone skinny dipping in the daytime!” he told Sean Cody. He jumped in and started flipping around. He was like a little kid discovering something for the first time. Bob is a former Marine with a fantastic body, great ass, and uncut cock.

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