William Higgins: Tom Vojak

Tom Vojak is 22yo and lives in Prague. He works as a bartender and in his spare time enjoys several sports, including ice-hockey and boxing. What a great looking guy Tom is, and he looks so good as he bares his chest, showing off that hot covering of hair. He poses to let the William Higgins cameras enjoy that hot body before removing his jeans and posing some more, just in his boxers. He turns, lowering the shorts, to show off his sexy butt. Then it is off with the underwear and Tom turns back, revealing his soft uncut dick, resting on his balls. He looks so good as he stands, naked, for the camera. He takes hold of his beautiful cock, stretching the foreskin, getting it nice and hard.

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BelAmiOnline: Sandro Filipi

BelAmiOnline model Sandro Filipi is here showing off his handsome face, magnificent young body and delicious looking uncut cock!

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William Higgins: Jirka Mendez

Jirka Mendez is 20yo, is currently unemployed, and enjoys ice-hockey, sports and gymnastics … and what a very handsome guy he is! He certainly looks good as he poses at the start of his shoot from William Higgins. As he removes his tee-shirt we see that Jirka has a good body, with some hair on his chest and a nice happy trail. After posing so that we can enjoy his chest, Jirka turns and lowers his jeans to show off a beautifully round butt. With Jirka naked, next, he poses again with his hot, flaccid, uncut cock resting on his balls. Then he kneels on the sofa to show off his sexy arse and hole again and then turns round and gets his cock nice and hard and then stands up to show it off.

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BelAmiOnline: Ken Lee

Kenny Lee is an exotic beauty and this week to steps in front of the BelAmiOnline cameras to show off what he has got. He has beautiful silky smooth skin, with a deep dark look about him, a great big smile and an amazing rounded butt … plus, of course, a nice fat uncut dick too!

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