Sneaky Peek: Sporty Hottie Gets Naked

The Sneaky Peek cameraman has his tiny hidden camera pointing through a hole in this changing room wall. He spies this hot young sportsman wandering into view. The sporty guy strips off his kit, until he’s naked except for his soccer boots. Check out his delicious uncut cock and pert butt … this is really amazing footage of a hot young man in his prime!

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Lucas Kazan: Andrea

Meet 18 year old Andrea: tanned, uncut, thick black hair and deep dark eyes, Andrea epitomizes the splendour of youth (and of male beauty), with an all-Sicilian twist. He’s a gifted athlete and, at 18, this Sicilian jock has no problems at all keeping it hard for hours. In fact, the opposite is true: Lucas Kazan director Ettore Tosi had problems getting just a few “soft” shots!

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Sean Cody: Jacob

Jacob is a recent addition over at Sean Cody and he is one seriously handsome young man! This is his first nude photo shoot, and he really seemed comfortable in front of the cameras … laughing and generously showing off every part of his magnificent body. We get to see his strong arms, broad shoulders, delicious bubble butt (plus even a hint of rosebud) and of course, a lovely uncut cock!

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Blake Mason: Joe Legend

Joe Legend is a twenty-two years young and has been working for several years as a fitness instructor, which might be the cause of his sexy body. He is straight, tho bi-curious, and in this sexy shower photo shoot we get some gorgeous views of his uncut cock … both soft and hard! He also lets us in on his biggest fantasy, which is one the Blake Mason crew haven’t heard very often … but you’ll have to watch the video to catch what it is!

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