ChaosMen: Javier Iglesias

Javier is a bi-guy, who was has a small family, so he was looking for creative ways to bring in extra money. He has a warehouse job driving big equipment, which ironically, as ChaosMen says, he is packing some big equipment himself! In his audition email Javier listed his uncut cock at 7.7 inches long, so the producers rounded down, though after reviewing these images, it seems they should have rounded up!

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English Lads: Oli Hall

For a first time shoot Oli is quite a confident young man who was very happy showing off his body, getting naked, showing off his uncut cock and his arse hole for the English Lads cameras.

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BelAmiOnline: Jonas Asther

Jonas Asther is a cute and charming boy-next-door. He has a great smile, nice uncut cock, lovely round bum and deliciously hairy legs, pubes and arse. A 100% natural beauty brought to us by the guys at BelAmiOnline!

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Blake Mason: Kit Wilde

Kit is a really nice guy … really nice! The Blake Mason film crew found him to be a friendly, funny and relaxed guy with a great attitude, the kind of guy they’d all love to date. Oh, and he loves sex, is blessed with a great body … and also has a gorgeous, long, uncut cock!

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