All Australian Boys: Shawn

Shawn is the quintessential hot, young Aussie sports jock. This week he is off the farm from country NSW near Tamworth and up on the east coast beaches doing a nude photo shoot with All Australian Boys … nice body, hard uncut cock!

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Homopunk: Wladimir

The guys at Homopunk reckon Wladimir is one of the most gawjous models they have ever had !! It was Wladimir’s first in front of a camera, so he was a bit shy but it did not last very long. Hung, uncut, and with beautiful low hangers, Wladimir is a hawt lil’motherfucker !

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SpunkWorthy: Aaron Chambers

Aaron is a former Marine; just barely out of the military. He still has quite a tight bod and the regulation haircut. He seemed a little nervous when he first showed up to film this video with SpunkWorthy, but once he started getting undressed and was already sporting’ a hard-on it was obvious that he was more excited than anything. Aaron is uncut and there is a great shot of him stretching his foreskin and pulling it away from his body and hard cock … plenty of extra skin down there!

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English Lads: Andy

Andy is a muscular young hunk from English Lads.  He has a great body, lots of interesting tattoos, a hairy chest that he keeps well-clippered and a great looking, fat, uncut cock that gets hard very easily!

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