Homopunk: Luc Notsnad Naked On The Roof

a few days ago,Luc contacted Homopunk, as he was in town and very eager to do a new Video . They decided to do a nude Shooting on the roof . it was pretty hot that day( almost baking ),so Luc’s sensitive ginger skin and big uncut cock got a few sunburns … But the result was worth it!

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Sean Cody: Jeb

Jeb is a recent model over at Sean Cody. He’s muscular and well-defined, with a smooth torso, gorgeously tanned skin and an attractive uncut cock you never get to see soft!

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ChaosMen: Sage

Sage is a young natural body builder. He is of mixed-heritage, Mexican, Spanish, Southern European. His hair colour, while not technically a “red-head” is a bit more typical in those places mentioned, as well as Argentina and Uruguay, where Northern European genetics get mixed into the genetic stew. ChaosMen found Sage to be a super nice kid … Very polite and eager to please. He did drop a 90 pound dumbbell on his right shoulder a couple weeks before the shoot, so they had to do a little make-up on the residual bruising! He is a brutally handsome guy, with a killer body, and thick, uncut cock … check him out!

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Squirtz: Oly

A quick look at young Oly, just barely 18yo, and you can tell he really knows what he wants and exactly how to get it. And the way he gets it, the Squirtz camera crew suspect, is with those beautiful green eyes. He looks so sweet and innocent just sitting there and talking with you, but when he looks at you with those beautiful eyes, there is something in his gaze that makes your heart jump! Check out this young lads gorgeous body, a smattering of hair, uncut cock with plenty of spare skin and a tight little arsehole too!

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