English Lads: Jake Kelly

Jake has come a long way since from doing his first shoot with English Lads, where he didn’t want to take off his boxers! Today he is quick to pull them down and he even shows off his very hairy hole as well as his sexy muscular body! Maybe he used to be shy about removing his boxers, but now embraces being naked and Site Members get to see that lovely uncut cock of his as it gets shown off nicely, since it spends most of its time rock solid and as erect as a cock can be!

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English Lads: Jonas Webber

Jonas is a fit young man who plays a lot of football and he also does MMA, so he is one of those guys with a sexy lean and toned body and his also has a nice cover of fuzz! This is one hairy lad and he seems slightly shy when in his clothes, though get him naked and all hints of shyness disappear. During this photo shoot for English Lads, Site Members will get to see just how much he loves playing with his uncut cock … which, when erect, is well over 7 inches long. Jonas’s uncut cock looks great when erect and it stands up high and proud and points towards the sky!

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English Lads: Hector Santos

Hector is a young rugby player who has discovered it can be fun to take off your clothes for the English Lads cameras, as this results in a rock hard uncut cock and members will see that it never ever seems to be soft! His body is lean and toned and has a nice sprinkling of hair … plus his legs are real hairy.

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English Lads: Tom Wills

Tom is a young straight man who has worked hard on developing his amazing body … he is not just muscular, but has amazing definition in his core as well … he is really lean, but has great muscle size. In this English Lads photo shoot he enjoys getting his clothes off and it’s no surprise to find out this is another young man who is very relaxed when naked and maybe that’s because he is really hung! Site Members get to see that his uncut cock hangs long, around 6 inches when soft, and it swells up real hard and long to somewhere between eight and nine when fully hard!

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