English Lads: Tomas Farago

Tom is a young man from Hungary and the four first letters of his home country are quite significant when it comes to describing one of his anatomical features! He has an athletic body from loads of football from when he was in his teens, tho in the last few years he has been more inclined to work out at the gym. As his clothes come off during this English Lads shoot, and you can see his hairy body and his great muscles with fine definition! He loves to tease and flirt with the camera and once he drops his boxers he becomes even flirtier! Tom has one huge uncut cock, he is over 8 inches long and nearly 7 inches around! This is one thick piece of Hungarian meat and Site members get to see that Tom loves playing with it on camera!

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Sean Cody: Bob

Bob spends a lot of time at work, so when the chance to do something fun pops up he takes it. He had huge smile on his face as he quickly shed his clothes in order to jump into the pool! “I think this is the first time I have ever gone skinny dipping in the daytime!” he told Sean Cody. He jumped in and started flipping around. He was like a little kid discovering something for the first time. Bob is a former Marine with a fantastic body, great ass, and uncut cock.

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English Lads: Oli Hall

For a first time shoot Oli is quite a confident young man who was very happy showing off his body, getting naked, showing off his uncut cock and his arse hole for the English Lads cameras.

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Sean Cody: Teddy

Teddy is a beefy jock with a nice hairy body and a sexy smile. He’s here with Sean Cody doing his first nude shoot and shows off his fitness routine before dropping his pants and revealing a rock-hard uncut cock with a really fat shaft and a tight looking foreskin hiding the head.

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