MenofMontreal: Scott Lapoint

It is kinda appropriate that Scott Lapoint is wearing cargo pants for this scene with MenofMontreal as he sure has the look of a service man. Such, however, is not the case. Scott is an industrial worker by day and a male stripper by night in one of the City’s well-known male dancers clubs. With his stocky frame and broad shoulders, he gives off an air of unmistakable masculinity. He comes across as friendly and outgoing, but his steely grey eyes and short dark hair give him an intense yet sexy look. Scott settled onto the bed and, rising like a phoenix, was his manly 7 inches of uncut cock!

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Alpha Males: Enzo Di Karina

Coming to Alpha Males from Corsica, this exotic, bearded French man slowly strips off for the cameras, and when his huge uncut dick flops out of his tracksuit and begins to grow everyone knows they’ve hit the jackpot with this hottie! Enzo’s gym-fit body, buff and smooth, is a perfect combination to his smooth, massive uncut dick … enjoy!

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Squirtz: Emilio

18 year old Emilo is another young uncut straight guy who likes to show off in front of the Squirtz cameras. He started working out at the gym a few months ago and now he wants everyone to the see the progress he’s made. And his exhibitionism doesn’t end with just getting naked. Emilo has been known to pick up girls at the club and go out and have sex in places where it’s possible to get caught … but as for sexual adventures with other guys, he says he hasn’t tried it yet … but he’s open minded!

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Lads Next Door: Kai Adley

Kai is a strapping blond with chiselled features, blue eyes and a defined body – in fact he looks a bit Swedish! At 6ft 3in tall he’s quite impressive, as is his beautiful smooth round arse and 7.5in uncut cock. He’s one of those lads that doesn’t give a fuck – he’ll give anything a try once … he even asks the Lads Next Door cameraman for a blowjob!

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