ChaosMen: Peyton

ChaosMen knew Peyton was tall, but when he picked him up at the airport, he truly felt short. At 6ft 5in and a lot of mass on that frame, Payton not only towers over most people, but has a larger than life presence. It doesn’t sound like he used his height for any of the typical sports, but being former military, you can be sure he stood tall in any situation! Peyton now lives with some roommates, running a home business and working on real estate deals. He is saving for his own house, and was planning on putting his porn money in to his home buying fund. He is definitely into women, but at least a bit curious as to what it would be like to be with a guy. He is friendly, easy going, and doesn’t seem too worried about interacting with another dude. This solo is great and he has a nice uncut cock that we can all enjoy in the images below!

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Lads Next Door: Daniel James

Scot lad James looks younger than his 30 years – and he’s quite new to the porn scene too! He has lovely smooth white blemish free skin, a few nice tatts and, of course, a big fat uncut cock. It really is a whopper and permanently hard by the look of things! He slips down his shiny footie shorts for the Lads Next Door cameras and reveals a big bulge in his black CK’s, before the big reveal – and not only is the cock a lovely specimen, but the cute butt isn’t too shabby either!

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ChaosMen: Cooper Reed: Peep

Cooper Reed is one seriously hot and defined young guy. He and the ChaosMen cameraman got up early and headed out to a nearby farm to film this “peep” video. Cooper loved being able to strip naked outdoors and show off his hard work in natural light! His body does look fantastic, but his blue eyes really stand out in many of these photos … plus, of course, who can go past that glorious uncut cock and all that yummy foreskin!

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Extra Big Dicks: Kaydin Bennett: Towel Talk

The Extra Big Dicks director is trying out some new camera gear so he’s decided to start Kaydin’s solo a littler earlier than planned. Consequently, Kaydin is still in the shower and when he turns around he is a bit startled to see the director testing out his equipment … in the shower with him! While there, the director begins to ask Kaydin some questions about his dick size and how comfortable he is doing the shoot. Kaydin is very relaxed and easy-going so he just flows right through the small interview. Eventually tho, the director wants to measure his cock to see how big his uncut cock really is and it’s a big one that’s for sure!

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