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I was wondering if anyone else saw the pics of Marcus Oaks. Super hot. But what I noticed something on the one pic and am wondering if anyone else saw. He is sitting on the bed (looking hot as hell) and it looks like his elbow is just resting in the air. Does anyone else think this is a glorious mistake in photography? It’s a great picture but also makes you think a little about how the shoot went. Thoughts please. This is by far my favorite site. Keep the hottest coming! 😉

looks to me like he’s got a boner and his arm is in that position cause he’s stroking it!

Just love the site. I am a real sucker for uncut cock – yes I suck as well and am versatile! Have never forgiven my parents for chopping mine off. Keep up the great work and pictures…Mike

Thanks Mike … much appreciated. Yes, so many of us Aussie guys have had the “snip” … fortunately it’s not as common now as it was when we were born … Timbo

Hi Joe,
Thanks for the kind comments … I was unfamiliar with that site, but took a look and it sure is hot!
Thanks, timbo

Huge fan. Keep up the great work. Not sure if you are familiar w/ Venfield 8. Check him out. Has a thing for uncut guys. Particularly love his latest “Summer Souvenir: The Creamsicle.”

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